Raw materials such as flour, spices, edible oil etc. are received and inspected for quality and freshness in in-house lab & adequate storage facilities are provided to ensure proper inventory management and preservation of raw materials. The processing houses has specialized equipment for cleaning, grinding, mixing, and extruding raw materials into snack products. Modern machinery, including mixers, grinders, extruders, and fryers is utilized to efficiently produce a variety of snacks. Automated systems ensure precise seasoning application according to recipes. Frying and Roasting units equipped with temperature control to ensure consistent product quality and uniform cooking.


Quality control checkpoints are established at various stages of production to monitor product quality and safety. Trained quality assurance personnel conduct regular inspections, sampling, and testing of raw materials, intermediate products, and finished goods. Compliance with food safety regulations, hygiene standards, and product specifications is strictly enforced to uphold the reputation and trust of the brand. Sanitization protocols are rigorously followed to maintain a clean and hygienic production environment, minimizing the risk of contamination and ensuring food safety. By integrating advanced technology with traditional recipes and stringent quality control measures, we can meet the growing demand for high-quality snacks while maintaining consistency, safety, and customer satisfaction.


Automated packaging machines facilitate efficient sealing, labelling, and coding of products according to regulatory standards, Hygienic packaging materials are used to preserve freshness and extend shelf life, Quality & taste